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Gemini and Virgo Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Published By ADMIN On 16th Jul 2024, 4:54 am

Gemini & Virgo Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility (5%)

Gemini and Virgo Zodiac Signs Compatibility: Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, not a very sexual planet at first glance.

However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign, always ready to explore, while Virgo is a feminine sign, shy and sensitive.

Their sexual relationship is hardly promising, but they both have the need to communicate. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress.

However, there is a big chance that endless discussions will not lead to their mutual understanding, leaving them distant and not interested to share any sexual experiences.

If they fall in love, they will use enough tenderness and respect to make their sex life work, but it will still rarely be satisfying for both partners. They are both curious, but not in the same way, and have an extrovert vs. introvert conflict.

While Gemini would often like to be free to get naked and run around the streets, Virgo would prefer if everyone kept their bodily fluids to themselves. To top it all, they both need verbal stimulation, but the words each of them would like to hear often aren’t what the other person knows how to say.

Gemini & Virgo Trust (1%)

What a combination! With Virgo’s trust issues and Gemini’s trickster nature, both of them are about to go crazy. The good thing is that they are not prone to jealousy, or they would probably kill each other after a couple of weeks.

Gemini is not someone Virgo can trust. When Virgo starts doubting and analyzing everything, Gemini will simply fly away, in the best case scenario.

If they have a touch through maleficent planets, such as Mars, this will not end there, but in endless fights and conflicts on trust and fidelity.

The key here is for Gemini to get back to planet Earth and respect the sensitive nature of their partner. They can build their security and be free to be who they are at the same time. Also, Virgo will have to open up, or they will never find a way to stay together.

Gemini & Virgo Communication And Intellect (80%)

They are ruled by the same planet, master of communication, Mercury. They may have their differences, but we wouldn’t say their communication is bad.

Even if they have a fight, they will still be good at talking. Their view on intellect could be a bit different though. Gemini’s superficial nature could seem extremely stupid to their Virgo partner. This will set Gemini off to be even more irritating on purpose, because they are everything but stupid.

In return, Gemini will see Virgo’s obsession with details and think of them as crazy. Virgo will probably not fight this, but sit in their room and cry, alone, in the dark.

They need to find a way to recognize each other’s “flaws” as good qualities and they will get there if each of them lets their partner help. When these minds come together, there is no problem to stay unsolved, for together, they are Mercury in all its glory.

These signs have a mission to unite and transform heavenly ideas into real life, and lift human knowledge step by step, towards divinity. This is a relationship of the Air side of Mercury and its Earth side, grounded and well thought of.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the sign of Virgo exalts Mercury so Virgo can exalt their Gemini partner, if only they wanted to land.

Gemini & Virgo Emotions (55%)

Gemini is considered not that emotional. Virgo brings Venus to its fall and rationalizes everything. Still, there is an interesting emotional side to both of them.

Gemini is located between Taurus and Cancer, two strong, feminine, motherly signs. This means that the sign of Gemini is formed out of Taurus and is a base for Cancer.

How can it lack emotion than? Virgo has a problem with Venus, that is true, but does this make Virgo unemotional?

Their biggest problems are speed and fear. Gemini simply doesn’t stay in one place for long enough to build an emotional bond or recognize how they feel, while Virgo tries hard to dismiss Venus and with it love and all earthly pleasures because they don’t think they deserve any of it.

Both signs have a small, fast planet in common, and if they touch each other’s hearts, they will understand their partner’s occasional need to run off, or run away.

Gemini & Virgo Values (70%)

They are both fans of intelligence, resourcefulness and practicality. However, their approach to basic intelligence is different and they won’t always recognize it in the same way.

In fact their relationship can show us exactly how relative intelligence is. Their meeting point is actually in their emotional intelligence, not our typical one.

However, they do value rationality, someone’s ability to reason and one’s practical use of their hands and their brain.

Gemini & Virgo Shared Activities (30%)

It is a good thing they both like to read, so they can visit a library every once in a while. Virgo will probably stay there for a bit longer, not even noticing their Gemini partner got lost and accidentally found an emergency exit that they had to use to see how the big handle on huge red door works.

The lack of self-value Virgo suffers from constantly will make them question every location and activity their Gemini partner would want to take them to.

Even if they try to hide it, their hesitation will be felt and Gemini will rather go alone than push someone to come along.

Both of these signs are mutable and as such have a tendency to change locations, interests, relationships. This can allow them to stay on the move together, if only Virgo was open enough for exciting new experiences and Gemini finds a way to not get lost.

Summary On Gemini and Virgo Zodiac Signs Compatibility

The relationship of Gemini and Virgo can change as the wind, while both partners get lost and found on a daily basis.

Their mutual love for Mercury is what binds them and what tears them apart, because they both tend to overthink things instead of following their hearts.

Both of them are mostly in their minds, each one in their own way, and need to respect each other to the point where no one’s intelligence is judged on a superficial level. If they do fall in love, they will become a unification of Air and Earth Mercury – heaven on Earth.


This Is Gemini and Virgo Zodiac Signs Overall Compatibility Score. 0-49: Poor. 50-69: Good. 70-100: Excellent.