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Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today

Published By Kez On 20th Jul 2024, 2:37 am

Dollar (USD) To Naira Black Market Rate Today

NaijaFindMp3 Media sourced that the exchange rate for a Dollar to Naira in the various vicinity of Lagos and Onitsha Parallel Market (Black Market).

As of today US Dollar to Nigerian Naira is rated at $1 = ₦1,200. This platform has attained the official Naira black market exchange rate as sourced by the likes of Black Market rates, Bureau De Change (BDC) rate, and CBN rates.

How Much Is The Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today?

Dollar To Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today (Aboki Dollar Rate): 

Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN)Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate:₦1,200
Selling Rate:₦1,300

Key Factors Influencing Foreign Exchange Rates Today

AbokiFx, which collates black market rates, astonishingly sold at the parallel market, also promoted as the black market, today in Lagos, Nigeria.

As the market circle swerve heated there have been vast phases of trauma experienced by the players. Some of these factors indicate dwindling dollar-to-naira exchange rates.

Below are some of the causes of the dwindling dollar-to-naira exchange rate;

Speculators: Stockpiling money for a possible profit has resorted the value of Naira under the influence of Speculators.

Conditions of Trade: Although Nigeria faces a demeaning trade deficit featuring 80% importation, desired Trade Terms increase the value of Naira to Dollar.

Inflation Rates: This is centered on the economic value of Nigeria and how they have soared or plummeted.  If the value of Naira keeps resorting to the lowest points there are possible vast rise to inflation.

Inflation directly impacts the Black Market and would affect performers strictly. This will also result in an exorbitant view of foods and other goodies sold in Naira.

Interest Rates: Another phase of trauma to examine is the interest rate which centers its effect on loans.

If the Banks’ interest rate soars to a heated figure it would affect the economy badly, thrusting it to contract and will also result in demeaning the value of Naira.

Government Debt: The Government can also add to the fall of Naira if its debt is way cruel. The National debt can impact the inflow of value into the economy.

If these are high, the naira exchange rate will rise in favor of the Naira.

Impacts of Black Market Exchange Rate USD to NGN on Nigeria’s Economy

The Nigerian Naira (NGN) and the United States Dollar (USD) are the two important currencies that form Nigeria’s economic landscape. The Nigerian Naira (NGN) to United States Dollar (USD) transactions is one of the pillars of the country’s financial stability.

However, with black market facilitating the NGN to USD transactions poses a serious threat to the stability of the country’s economy.

If there is a surge in the number of transactions for USD to Naira through the black market exchange rate, it directly impacts the country’s economy adversely.

What is the Black Market Exchange rate?

Usually, white-collar transactions or legal transactions take place within the formal banking system.

Rates for USD to NGN are decided within the formal banking system and transactions from USD to Naira cannot overpass or underpass the current rates.

The black market rate is the unofficial rate at which foreign currencies are traded in the market.

Black Market is not controlled by the Central Banking system of Nigeria and thus there is no control over the transactions and the exchange rates of USD to Naira in the black market.

This disparity in the rates of the USD to Naira arises due to the high demand for foreign currencies in the country.

Let us understand what are the causes that lead businessmen and individuals to resort to the black market instead of the formal banking system.

  1. Restrictions and limitations on foreign exchange: When resorting to a formal banking system there are certain limitations to foreign exchange. Due to this limitation, a shortage of USD arises in the official market, this disparity in the demand and supply of the USD causes the USD to Naira to surge in price. Moreover to that, the government has also imposed certain restrictions which further restrict the business to carry out the transactions favorably. This is one of the significant reasons for people to resort to the black market for transactions.
  2. Dependency on foreign goods: The economy of Nigeria is highly dependent on imported goods from foreign countries. The United States Dollar is a globally excepted currency and most of the international trades take place via the USD. As the country is highly dependent on imported goods, the trade for the import takes place in USD. Thus, this needs the business opts for USD to Naira and Naira to USD transactions.
  3. Corruption and Money Laundering: Corruption and money laundering are a few of the illicit activities that drive the black market. Illicit activities use foreign currency such as USD for transactions and thereby people use the black market to convert the money.

Due to the above-stated reasons, people are often tempted to resort to the black market for USD to Naira transactions.

As foreign exchange in a formal banking system has limitations and regulations that one needs to follow, transactions only up to a certain limit can take place and therefore this creates a shortage in government control exchange.

Due to limitations in the formal market, the price for USD to Naira increases directly.

Impacts of the Black Market on the Nigerian Economy:

Weakening of the economy: The Nigerian economy is highly dependent on imported goods, thus due to the changes in the foreign market, the remains instability in the Nigerian economy due to the volatility of the price.

Also, the surging USD to Naira rates creates inflationary pressure in the market which disrupts the purchasing power of the customer. Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today

Uncontrolled parallel economy: The black market is not regulated and controlled by any governing body.

Due to this, the transactions taking place here are not controlled and this – leads to a non-revenue generation stream. The black market transactions, therefore, cause great economic hindrances.

Inequality; As the black market exchange rate keeps fluctuating, the uncertainty makes it difficult to read the foreign market.

Also, the black market makes accessibility to foreign exchange easy for individuals, which arises the condition of inequality in Nigeria. Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today

This huge difference in formal banking foreign exchange rate and the black market exchange rate is mainly due to the supply-demand ratio.

This ever-increasing disparity is concerning for the Nigerian volatile economy as it is dependent on imported goods whose prices depend on the foreign exchange rates.

The Nigerian government is trying to fix the adverse issue of the value of the Naira (NGN) to the US Dollar (USD) and is trying to stabilize the economy.

They might look for approaches such as liberalizing the policies for foreign exchange, working towards more provision of transactions, and also working for eroding corruption and illicit activities. Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today.

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